It's no secret Andrea and Michelle were destined for the apparel business. Their family has been manufacturing clothing for five generations, producing garments from women's and men's sportswear to dresses, active wear and even uniforms. Surrounded by the color and movement of their native Miami and influenced by their family's love affair with clothes, it was only a matter of time before the Varat sisters got in on the act.

Since grade school Michelle has been fascinated by the evolving technology in fashion. Accomplished in science and math, she wanted to find a way to combine these expertise with the business she knew best. After graduating from George Washington University with a degree in Engineering, she joined Gap's International Sourcing office in Miami. Michelle was eager to enhance her Spanish so she then headed off to travel through South America. It was during her visit to Brazil that Michelle discovered the colorful bandeau tops many of the women casually wore under their clothing instead of a traditional bra.

She was amazed by the practicality and fashionable appeal of these bra tops, and she had never seen anything like it. Upon her return to Miami, she quickly went to work to create a version of her very own.

Andrea's entrepreneurial spirit led her to pursue a degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship from George Washington University. After working in marketing for a sportswear company she moved to New York City where she joined Scoop-NYC to launch its wholesale division. She loved New York, but the pull of Miami's unique, vibrant culture and her family connection was too strong. With her vast experience in the industry now well established, Andrea was ready to pursue her dream of having her own line. She returned home and partnered with Michelle to start Top Secret Society -- the sisters were officially initiated into the family clothing club.

And so, Top Secret was born and the girls were on a mission. They know that education, experience, hard work and support are just a few of the basic ingredients to building a business. Add passion, people, and a unique product with a little bit of luck, and that will be the top secret recipe to their success.